The IEM service and product portfolio is structured in five categories.

  • Restructuring & Cost

    Restructuring & Cost

    Planning and developing infrastructure assets requires a sophisticated allocation of CAPEX and OPEX, especially in the area of investors' financial…

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  • Safety & Security

    Safety & Security

    Infrastructure networks represent the backbones for our todays social, economic and even ecologic life.  Protecting and keeping these assets up…

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  • SLOX – Social Licence to Operate Index

    SLOX – Social Licence to Operate I

    The Social License to Operate (SLO) is a concept developed by Thomson/Boutilier, 2011. The Social License to operate is a…

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  • Society


    We give back. This includes the venture business, but also social and ecologic encouragement. Impact BIIX e.V. Virtual Water…

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  • Strategy


    Leadership is based on professional management. We support required evolutions. Our clients involve us in industry as well as expertise…

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  • Venture


    IEM venture business activities are supporting new ideas, technologies and business concepts in separate units. Venture Portfolio Di2 - Digital Infrastructure…

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