The IEM service and product portfolio is structured in five categories.

  • Asset Idenification

    Asset Idenification

    Complexity in Infrastructure has become tremendous. As a result, a huge amount of capital exist, which does not find infrastructure…

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  • Asset Management

    Asset Management

    We focus and manage sustainable investments with proven returns. The current portfolio under management consists primarily of real estate with…

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  • Benchmarking


    IEM provides market data industry insights. Benchmarking is available for e.g. for industry specific standards like ARPU, SAC, CAPEX, OPEX, but…

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  • Business Planning

    Business Planning

    The Business Plan is a powerful tool for start-ups and venture business. However, existing companies and organizations benefit from a targeted…

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  • Diversification & Growth

    Diversification & Growth

    Economies of scale and scope are of major importance for infrastructure based networks. Economies of scale are generated by higher…

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  • Due Diligence

    Due Diligence

    Due Diligence is the audit of an asset or project for project owner, investing or third party.

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  • Impact Analysis

    Impact Analysis

    Infrastructure assets are entitled to specific impacts and risks especially from the following areas, including: Competition Supervision Government Lobbyism Radical Innovation Regulation…

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  • Investor Identification

    Investor Identification

    Complexity in Finance has become tremendous. As a result, a huge number of infrastructure owners and project developers exist, which…

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  • Matching Assets and Investors

    Matching Assets and Investors

    Matching is the process of connecting asset and finance. At IEM we are matching Infrastructure and Finance. We respect the financial…

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  • Pooling


    Pooling is the collection of infrastructure assets towards a specific fund volume or vice versa.

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  • Project Developement

    Project Developement

    Project Development Business Planning in close cooperation with public and private investors in order to guarante financial feasibility.

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  • Reorganization & Change

    Reorganization & Change

    Internal or external impacts like competition, innovation and technical progress, or regulation require adaptions of organizations and business units. IEM…

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