Decisions require facts. We deliver relevant facts by combining theory with reality. Our main areas of research focuses the link between welfare economics, regulation and corporate strategy. This includes general economic/legal questions of infrastructure finance, planning and strategy as well as related areas as sustainable infrastructure investments or the regulation of resources.

Our clients seek expertise in the areas of qualitative and quantitative research, especially in network based industries.

  • Benchmarking


    IEM provides market data industry insights. Benchmarking is available for e.g. for industry specific standards like ARPU, SAC, CAPEX, OPEX, but…

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  • Impact Analysis

    Impact Analysis

    Infrastructure assets are entitled to specific impacts and risks especially from the following areas, including: Competition Supervision Government Lobbyism Radical Innovation Regulation…

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  • Safety & Security

    Safety & Security

    Infrastructure networks represent the backbones for our todays social, economic and even ecologic life.  Protecting and keeping these assets up…

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  • SLOX – Social Licence to Operate Index

    SLOX – Social Licence to Operate I

    The Social License to Operate (SLO) is a concept developed by Thomson/Boutilier, 2011. The Social License to operate is a…

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