SLOX – Social Licence to Operate Index

The Social License to Operate (SLO) is a concept developed by Thomson/Boutilier, 2011. The Social License to operate is a status, where the affected community and other stakeholders approve and accept the development and realization of a project.

The SLOX, Social License to Operate Index, is a multi-dimension, adaptable toolset, focusing the evaluation and measurement of stakeholder’s position, power and impact towards large scale, high relevance projects. Based on these information, concrete measures and action items targeted to specific stakeholder groups are identified and evaluated according to their effectiveness.
Our clients trust the SLOX in the area of large scale infrastructure projects and high impact political/economical/social decision making processes.
Identify, measure and rank stakeholders, their power of influence, impact.

Counter Measure Development

  • Identify, develop, extrapolate and measure stakeholder specific counter measures to increase the Social License to Operate.
  • Measure and compare stakeholders over time; measure and compare the effectiveness of countermeasures for specific stakeholder.


  • Identify, compare, rank and analyze industry specific and cross-topic projects for best-in-class Social License to Operate development.

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